Our Services

Over the years we've worked with all kinds of organiztions - for and non-profit, large and small, online and offline. We've built websites, web apps, videos, survey systems, elearning systems, online shops - just about anything you can imagine doing inside a web browser. Here's our primary services, but feel free to contact us if you're not sure if we can help.

  • Building Websites - Websites and web apps are our bread and butter. We've built many, many different websites over the years - often starting from a completely custom design through to a live, working website.
  • Web Hosting - We offer competitive web hosting to our clients, either on our server or via AWS (Amazon Web Services). We are of course happy to work with whatever hosting service a client has chosen.
  • Consulting - Consulting is sort of a catch-all for all sorts of services we can provide. Have a slow website, and need to find out why? We're happy to take a look and make recommendations - even if you do not work with us to fix things. Or need to know how to reduce your current hosting bill? We've helped set up clients on AWS with savings of around 80% over their previous hosting arrangement! Just ask.
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