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About Snapdragon

Snapdragon got its start in the aftermath of the "dot-com bomb" and 9/11 - with the goal of helping local Ann Arbor businesses get online. Those were different, simpler times, when the web was new for most organizations and a good website worked well in 800x600 over a dial-up modem.

A lot has changed since then. A lot. The idea of doing much of anything web-related on your phone was ridiculous back then. A phone was exciting if you could get email on it. How things have changed! It's not uncommon now for most visitors to a website to be using a mobile device of some sort. The web world is more fragmented and complicated than ever before.

We've learned many, many things over the years - but some things really stand out:

  • Discover, Define, Deliver - Sometimes clients will come to you with a real obvious need: a broken site, a clear need. But usually, they don't. They have an idea of what they want, but they need someone with the skills to help them define and implment what they actually need. We're not here to sell you on unnecessary services or complicated systems that have no benefit - we're here to figure out what will help you the most, and make it happen.
  • Simple is Hard - the phrase "Keep it simple, stupid" is our mantra. Don't build complexity the client doesn't need. The client's success is your success - and overloading them with unnecessary costs right off the bat is not helpful to anyone. Sometimes a client really just needs a simple five page site with a contact form - and that's fine. That's the beauty of the web, you can always add and improve later.
  • Overselling is Foolish - it's easy to "snow" non-technical people with terms and lingo, and it's not an unusal practice ether when selling a service, or when communicating with a client. We pride ourselves on finding the most efficient solution for our clients program - and communicating problems or setbacks with the client as clearly as possible. That's why some of our clients go back decades.

If this sounds appealing to you and your needs, just get in touch and we'll see how we can help!

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