Current Projects: Case Study

WebSystem is a powerful, inexpensive ecommerce platform for users of the RetailSystem point of sale software. Snapdragon architected and developed WebSystem to fulfill these criteria:

  • Performance - the system had to be extremely lightweight yet full-featured. Snapdragon developed the system entirely from scratch rather than using an existing ecommerce platform to make it lean and mean
  • Flexibility - WebSystem includes a novel templating system and component-based homepage structure to allow retailers to establish a unique look for their brand at a price they can afford
  • Ease of Maintenance - WebSystem's codebase is a fraction that of more well-known ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Magento - meaning that maintenance and development of new features happens far faster and cheaper than competitors.

Past Projects

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center
Snapdragon worked closely with the Cancer Center on many different projects, including running focus groups to help test designs, two major redesigns, ongoing updates and refinements of their Drupal-based website and consulting.


University of Michigan Center for Health Communications Research
We worked closely with CHCR to build a custom, comprehensive back-end database to track their projects and proposals - and then integrated this with their front-facing public website.


Lab126, makers of the popular Amazon Kindle e-reader needed a new website before the launch of the Kindle. We provided them with a stunning design - and the rapid turnaround they required.

UM Dental School

University of Michigan Dental School
Snapdragon has worked with various groups within the University of Michigan Dental School since 2003. Over the years we've helped produce videos, built websites for both internal and public use, and helped build web applications in support of their research and internal programs.

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