Video/Audio Production
Innovative Approaches to Sights and Sounds

Whatever you dream can be a reality with our premiere video and film production division. From meetings and training videos all the way up to broadcast commercials and films, Snapdragon is there with exceptional crews, gear and all the benefits of a working television studio. Put your company into motion!

The Snapdragon team has the expertise and ability to provide professionally produced video services, of the highest quality. These videos are custom- created for our clients and can be used as stand alone commercials for television broadcast. They can be used to communicate and train employees or customers on policies or products. Or they can be integrated fully into a marketing and advertising plan and used to enhance the capabilities and message of your new website. The possibilities are endless! It all depends on your specific project.

Benefits + Capabilities:

  • Emmy, Addy and Vision award winning producers, writers, crews and artists.
  • Live Productions: Events, meetings, corporate parties / seminars / conventions, sporting events, concerts, you name it.
  • Internal or Broadcast Production: Local and national commercials, broadcast television shows, corporate training videos, sales tools, video catalogs, infomercials, music videos, dramatic short or feature film support and more.
  • The very best production gear available, literally top of the line:: Broadcast HD Cam, DV Cam, DVD, Beta Cam and even film (16 or 35mm) for the highest end result. Professional multichannel digital audio recording, lighting and production extras like JimmyJib arms, dolly tracks, satellite uplink capability, aerial photography and video and SteadiCam packages round out the possibilities.
  • Full post production facilities, AVID editing, audio post, duplication, graphics, even compositing and 3D animation and effects.
  • Screenwriting and scripting services, costume design, art design, set design, conceptual design, storyboarding, pre-production support and more.

Audio Production and Podcasting

Podcasts are a new and rapidly growing form of media on the Internet. Essentially on-demand online radio shows, the growth of broadband and portable music players are fueling the podcast revolution. Hundreds of thousands of people regularly listen to podcasts while exercising, commuting, working at the their computer, etc.

We feel that many businesses and organizations can benefit from creating their own podcasts - both to communicate with their existing customers, and also gain new ones by increasing their own visibility. In many ways, podcasts are the new "blogs," and it would benefit many organizations to think about ways in which to take advantage of this rapidly expanding new form of media.

Snapdragon entered the world of podcasting in late July, 2005 and our podcast (Taverncast) has been growing ever since. Taverncast regularly places in the top 100 of podcasts in its genre on the iTunes music store, and is a part of the PC Gamer Podcast network.

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