University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center


University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center
As outlined in our case study we worked closely with the Cancer Center to both redesign and reorganize their website in order to make it more appealing and more usable.

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University of Michigan Center for Health Communications Research
We worked closely with CHCR to build a custom, comprehensive back-end database to track their projects and proposals - and then integrated this with their front-facing public website.



Amazon, Hitachi and Samsung
Snapdragon has provided UX design services to Amazon, Hitachi and Samsung. More information is available upon request



Lab126, makers of the popular Amazon Kindle e-reader needed a new website before the launch of the Kindle. We provided them with a stunning design - and the rapid turnaround they required.


UM Dental School


University of Michigan Dental School
Snapdragon has been working with various groups within the University of Michigan Dental School since 2003. Over the years we've helped produce videos, built websites for both internal and public use, and helped build web applications in support of their research and internal programs.

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