Case Studies
Reconnecting with Patients in Need: University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Original UMCCC design

The Problem

Over time, the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center website had become complicated and confusing to its users and administrators. The site's look and feel was stale and it's message was dated. Snapdragon stepped in to implement a focused, ambitious redesign and reorganization project.

The Solution

We put together a crack team and approached the problem methodically. Focus groups helped us define the problems that users had with the existing site, as well as how they reacted to updated designs and taglines. Card sorting exercises were used to help us determine how users felt that the site should be organized and labeled.

User testing was a crucial tool that was used to objectively evaluate different site architectures. Faced with needing to be able to generate large wireframe sites from our site architecture documents, we developed custom software that not just allowed the users to navigate through a simplified version of the reorganized site, but even imported actual page content from the existing site. Multiple rounds of user testing helped us work through possible architecture options.

A sharp new design was agreed upon, and the a new architecture that was demonstrably better (through user testing) was in place. We then worked with UMCCC to streamline the process of moving converting hundreds of static pages of content to the new design, moving pages to their new places in the architecture, and looking for and fixing the broken links as necessary.

Original UMCCC design
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