About Snapdragon
Unrivaled Interactive Quality. Customized For You.

With over two decades of direct design and development experience, Snapdragon has a demonstrated ability - examine an organization's style, branding and marketing requirements, pinpoint shortcomings and potential opportunities, and implement innovative, creative solutions - improving competitive advantage, escalating revenues, and expanding customer retention.

Snapdragon is better client interaction, a closer relationship, a partnership that understands your bottom line. Snapdragon is about a custom fit instead of a forced solution or product. Snapdragon is about making media that is full of content and substance and value, not just a quick and flashy new re-packaging of the old ideas. Snapdragon's unique philosophy embraces professional relationships with independent contractors - web designers, developers, graphic artists, marketing consultants, usability specialists, information architects and broadcast video production professionals - - provide our clients with a broad range of highly professional services without the typical agency overheads and bureaucracies. Snapdragon is about being a little bit different... and a whole lot better.

Our clients choose us because of our knowledge, our skills, our attention - detail, our individualized service, and our ability - deliver!

Beyond customization.

Our highly interactive, personalized operating philosophy is called "Bespoke". Not a common term, we know, but one that each of our clients comes - know and understand when working with Snapdragon.

Bespoke refers - "an item that is custom-made - a buyer's specifications." The Snapdragon team partners with you - build a highly specific, non-standardized, creative solution that fits your individual needs. Each project is built from the ground-up using the specifications you provide. Together with the skill sets, talent, and 20-plus years combined experience, the team at Snapdragon provides your company or organization with Customized Internet and Media Solutions that will elevate your business above the competition, providing you with a better way - serve your clients and employees. You imagine it, and we go beyond customization - interpret, guide and engineer your vision - realization.

What We Do

Snapdragon employs a unified design approach - meet all of your interactive, online, print, video and audio marketing and information needs while keeping your brand consistent no matter where it's applied.

Website Design + Development
We can handle any web project you may have - our experienced designers can provide the artistic flair that your site needs - get noticed, while our programmers can handle everything from DHTML, - Flash, - full-blown database-driven e-commerce websites. All Snapdragon websites are built - the highest levels of quality - in design, usability and technical proficiency.

Print + Graphic Design
From our elegant logo and branding designs - our clean and simple promotional materials like brochures and business cards, Snapdragon provides creative ideas, memorable brand identity and the ideal mix of form and function in printed collateral.

Video Production
Snapdragon boasts a full range of video services, including top of the line equipment, and skilled editors - handle your next training video, seminar or commercial.

Audio Production
Take advantage of one of the "new media" phenomenons - podcasts! As the makers of the highly successful Taverncast podcast, Snapdragon can help you learn - make your own business podcast and take advantage of the exploding revolution in marketing.

Who Runs This Place?

Bryce Erwin
Creative Director
Bryce is Snapdragon's experienced and multi-talented creative leader with a proven ability - craft amazing works of art across a wide spectrum of visual media. His creative and leadership qualifications cover more than 20 cumulative years of hands-on experience in art direction, graphic design and illustration, audio and video production and project management with companies like Amazon.com, Viacom and Diamond Bullet. As well as managing Snapdragon's creative team, Bryce also handles a large portion of the project and account management for existing and new clients. When he's not playing with pixels you can often find him outside hiking, biking, and running.

Aric Watson
Technical Director
Aric received his Master's Degree from the University of Michigan in Information Science with a concentration on Human-Computer interaction. He was a Senior Web Developer at Diamond Bullet Design for four years, during which time he was a key developer for clients such as MedStat, ArtTrain, and eLearn. Aric has over a decade of web development experience using a wide array of web technologies including HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Cold Fusion. Aric specializes in a rapid development process that heavily features client interaction - ensure that the final product works exactly as needed and intended. Aric handles all of Snapdragon's technical duties as well as billing, record keeping and coordinating and overseeing all of Snapdragon's contract web developers. He also manages several projects with Snapdragon clients. On the rare occasions that he can escape from the computer screen, he enjoys trying new beers, reading and photography.